Attendance and Leave Rules

  • Punctuality and regular attendance are important factors for good performance. Students must arrive to school at least 5 minutes before the morning bell rings. Students coming late will be marked absent.

  • No leave will be granted except in case of illness or for pressing and valid reasons.

  • Permission for every leave (sick or otherwise) should be obtained in advance by a written letter duly signed by the parent/guardian registered with the school. Due to unavoidable circumstances, if one remains absent then a satisfactory explanation for the leave must be provided within 2 days by the parent/guardian. If there is no intimation in this regard, it shall be treated as absent.

  • Applications for leave must be addressed to the Principal. The leave letter must compulsorily contain - name of the student, class and section. In case of sickness, the leave letter should be accompanied by a doctor's certificate. All leaves must be authorised by the principal.

  • It is mandatory for every student to have minimum of 75% attendance. No student under any circumstances shall be eligible to appear for any test/examination without fulfilling the required attendance criteria. Students achieving 100% attendance shall be rewarded during the annual day function of the subsequent year.

  • Half day leave shall not be granted except for serious reasons. In such an eventuality, the child will be handed over to the registered parents/guardians only. Half day leave shall not be granted during test/exam days.

  • Medical appointments of students should be made after school hours unless required in case of emergency.

  • All kinds of leave (sick/casual) shall be counted towards loss of attendance.

  • Students suffering from any contagious or infectious disease are not allowed back to school until recovery is complete. A student returning to school after suffering from an infectious disease should produce a doctor's certificate permitting him to do so after the prescribed period of quarantine.

  • If a student remains absent to the school consecutively for 25 (twenty five) working days without prior permission, his/her name shall be struck off the register automatically and permanently. If re-admission is sought, the right to re-admit the student is solely the discretion of school administration.