Internet usage Policy

  • Student must use the Internet to help them learn and must learn how to use the internet safely and responsibly.

  • If a student sees anything or receives a message on the internet, that is unpleasant then they must inform an Educator.

  • Student must obtain a prior approval from an educator before he/she involves in emailing, chatting or video‐conferencing with others at school.

  • Students are permitted to write polite and friendly emails or messages to people whom they know.

  • Student must use only their first names when communicating electronically.

  • Students must never post photographs or video clips without an educator’s permission and never include names with photographs.

  • In case of a student receiving a message sent by someone unknown then he/she must immediately inform the same to an educator.

  • Students must never give out passwords or personal information (like last name, phone number, address etc.).