Guidelines to Parents

  • Parents are requested to acquaint themselves fully with the school rules and abide by them.

  • Parent's co-operation is an essential part of running an effective educational institution. Parents are earnestly requested to ensure that their children / wards are regular, punctual and disciplined.

  • Our school office remains open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (Monday to Friday) and from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm (Saturday). School office will remain closed on all Government holidays.

  • Parents can visit our office any time without prior appointment during office hours for office related purpose. However obtaining prior appointment is a must to meet our Educators, Principal or the Secretary.

  • Parents/guardians are informed not to enter any other part of the campus except office desk without prior appointment.

  • Parents must refrain from interacting with teachers over phone. Any such interaction with teacher if required can be done by writing a note in student's class diary. The concerned teacher would reply on the same day through the same diary.

  • Agasthya Vidyanikethan organises at least 4 Parent Teacher Meet during an academic year to ensure regular parent teacher communication.

  • Parents must discourage their children from attending family/social functions during working days, as this would disrupt regular academics. Except on medical grounds, a student should not be absent during Tests and Exams. Any such leaves should be sanctioned by the School authority and medical certificate should be submitted for the same along with leave letter. Tests and Exams will not be preponed or postponed under any circumstances.

  • Parents are expected to look into the student's diary every evening and ensure that all homework is completed. Remarks/Circulars mentioned in the diary by the Educators, Headmistress or Principal should be checked and duly signed. A follow up action from your side will make us feel that you are playing your role and thus stimulate us to do our bit.

  • Parents must refrain from inadvertently interfering directly or indirectly in school administration.

  • Students seeking to be excused from PT/Games/Physical activities must produce parent’s appeal along with a doctor's certificate to the effect.

  • If there is a feeling that your child is not making the desired progress at AV then please contact the Principal.

  • Criticism of our educators or any other school staff in the presence of your child must compulsorily avoided as it would lead to the child losing respect towards school staff with the consequent failure to learn from them. Should you have a legitimate complaint see the HM/Principal.

  • School management reserves the right to expel a student if his/her parent shows quarrelsome spirit, instigates other parents, makes public base less allegations