9 Best Practices at Agasthya Vidyanikethan

Agasthya Vidyanikethan strives to be the best - as a school for our children, as a work place for our educators and support staff as well as a community for our families. Come see for yourself what sets Agasthya Vidyanikethan above the rest

  • Visionary Founder and Team
  • Our Certified Teachers
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Small Student to Teacher Ratio
  • Personality Development
  • Clean Environments
  • Indoor and Outdoor Play Area
  • Transparency in Admission and Administration
  • Safety First

The guiding light and the Driving force behind Agasthya vidyanikethan is its Founder Mr. Manjunath Aradhya, who is a Teacher by profession and an educationist by passion. Being a world known profound scholar himself he has had a vast experience of starting and nurturing excellent educational institutions that have been instrumental in adding value and changing career graphs of many engineers world wide. He and his Team bring in a fine balance of Human values and Corporate ethics into Agasthya Vidyanikethan which has been a phenomenal differentiating factor between Agasthya Vidyanikethan and other educational Institutions in the vicinity.

Any Educational Institution is as good as its Teachers. Montessori Certification and other required certifications are not a sufficient condition but a necessary one to be a teacher at Agasthya Vidyanikethan. Along with the required certifications, the passion to teach and contribute towards Nation building are few of a host of qualities which the management at Agasthya Vidyanikethan is always conscious of during Teacher recruitment. Our Teachers receive higher than normal salaries, paid medical insurance, regular bonuses and incentives. Our ability to attract such incredible teachers is a direct reflection of what we do to let our teachers know how much we appreciate them.

Our Pre-Mont, M1 and M2 classes are run in pure Montessori method. Our M3 class is run as a blend of Montessori method and multiple intelligences method. From class 1 onwards our students are continued to be trained through multiple intelligences method along with Audio visual software tools to enable them comprehend and imbibe every single concept. Initially our teaching methodology emphasises on verbal communication and writing skills by adopting Phonetics and handwriting sessions as the child matures appropriate teaching methodologies are adopted which would help enable every child to not crumble when tested in the crucible of adulthood.

We are not interested in over crowding our classrooms. All our pre-primary classrooms contain one main educator, one assistant educator along with a support staff for each group of 30 students. All our primary classes have sufficient educators and support staff and at Agasthya Vidyanikethan we are proud to inform that our student to staff ratio is 8:1. Such a few students to staff ratio helps enable our educators to focus on every child with respect to the clarity of thoughts, concepts, understanding and the subsequent output. From a student perspective, such a few student to teacher ratio means that there is always an educator available for a student whenever he/she is in need.

The destiny of a Nation would be shaped in its classrooms. At Agasthya Vidyanikethan we keep a close watch on each child’s thoughts, words, actions and habits since it is these that ultimately shapes the personality of an individual. At Agasthya Vidyanikethan, we give equal emphasis on curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Apart from academics, at Agasthya Vidyanikethan a child must compulsorily participate in Yoga, Sports, Chess and Theatre activities which would mould every individual as a complete and balanced personality. We give extra emphasis on cultivating moral values in a child through our specialised team from Val-Ed Initiatives lead by TEDx Speaker and Youth Ambassador from India at the Asia Pacific Youth Network, Mr. Mayank Solanki which would contribute in a big way for the overall personality development.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. A sanitised clean smelling school is one of our top priorities. We are confident to challenge any stake holder to spot even a tinge of dust, dirt or foul smell within our school premises. Even our toilets do not emanate foul smell all through the day. All our primary class students are toilet trained. Diapers and pull ups are prohibited in our classrooms. Our primary class students is trained to push down and pull up his/her own shorts and underwear unassisted. Our educator and support staff would assist children who need help with clothing as well as with pottying if needed. Agasthya Vidyanikethan sets high standards of cleanliness which would be very evident the moment you step into the campus.

The Physical Education (PE) space is more about cooperation than competition. PE is an integral part of our school programme. Agasthya Vidyanikethan’s strong belief is that PE is not one-particular-game oriented but emphasizes all-round development of hands-on motor skills, co-ordination, movement, health and nutrition, first aid and game skills for games such as cricket, football, basketball, throwball, kabaddi, athletics etc. We boast of an indoor play area with non-toxic smart toys for pre-primary children and an outdoor play area for primary children very near to the school premises.

Every institution in a healthy society must be transparent and in todays world it is the educational institutions that must lead the path. At Agasthya Vidyanikethan honesty, integrity, quality and transparency are never compromised. All fee collections at Agasthya Vidyanikethan are in the cashless format right from the commencement of operations in 2010. The fee hike every year is fixed at 5% per annum compounded and hence enables our respected parents to plan in advance for the education of their children. Under any circumstances, not even a single rupee would be collected from the parents in the middle of an academic year. Proper receipts are provided for every transaction that is made towards Agasthya Vidyanikethan by any of the stake holders.

Since its inception, Agasthya Vidyanikethan has always given utmost importance to safety. We have total of 204 high end CCTV cameras for constant monitoring with night vision facilities. Every nuke and corner of Agasthya Vidyanikethan is under constant CCTV surveillance. Adequate fire safety measures have been ensured with fire extinguishers on every floor and support staff is thoroughly trained to handle any fire related issue. In fact since there are roads on all three sides of the campus, emergency evacuation would not be a challenge. All our educators are female employees and male employees are recruited mainly for transportation department. Backgrounds of all our employees is police verified annually. Separate toilets for boys and girls are segregated floor wise. There is a staff room just beside the toilet on each floor which would ensure additional monitoring and safety. The lift is made available specifically for aged educators and is biometric driven which cannot be accessed by students under any circumstances. All our transportation buses have cameras, GPS tracking system, extra mesh for windows etc. We do not use second hand buses and all documentations as expected by RTO are impeccably maintained. A separate mineral water plant is setup to provide potable drinking water to students, educators, support staff and management. Separate committees are created to constantly monitor safety measures and their suggestions are accommodated to ensure complete safety. A host of such and many more measures have ensured that not even a single untoward incidence has occurred in Agasthya Vidyanikethan in all its years of existence.