• Methodology of Teaching-Education is imparted through “Montessori Method” which was invented by Dr. Maria Montessori.

  • Children of minimum age group 1year 10 months and more are considered for this program. Age must be calculated as on 31st May. The student to staff ratio for our pre-mont classes is 5:1

Our Pre-Mont Years is home to the youngest members of Agasthya Vidyanikethan family. Here our children have the ideal opportunity to explore the world around them and combine what they learn in the classroom with the experience of their immediate environment. Children are gradually introduced to formal education using hands‐on approach and Montessori approach. Our children begin to participate more in formal learning experiences in an environment that allows our staff to build on the practical approach used in Montessori methodology of education. The children are encouraged to discover their own learning and skills through inquiry, experimentation and play.

In preparing our children for the future, we wish to nurture, inspire and challenge them to become:

  • Successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve to the best of their ability

  • Confident individuals who are able to lead safe, healthy and fulfilling lives

  • Positive citizens who are able to contribute to a better society

Pre-mont classes are designed and equipped to engage children in all aspects of their learning in many different and meaningful ways. Themes are explored with our Montessori certified educator who support our multilingual learning environment.
This arrangement allows us to provide one staff member for every 5 children in our pre-mont classes. Our pre-mont children are accommodated in well‐equipped learning spaces with a SMART board in each room. At Agasthya Vidyanikethan, we have our own library and lunch hall, which also serves as our music room, as well as an outdoor play area, giving the children plenty of opportunities for healthy exercise and social interaction.
In the safe, welcoming and caring environment of Agasthya Vidyanikethan, children are given an important start to their education, building the life skills and knowledge for progressing successfully through their school years.

And finally… Please remember that although we have tried to include as much information as possible about our Pre-mont classes both here as well as in FAQ’s and other places, you will probably still have unanswered questions. We encourage you to come and speak with us whenever you have a query or concern.