Principals’ Message




The hardest job of any Principal is the same as it has always been - ensuring that all pupils achieve their fullest potential. As a Principal this remains my fundamental aim. The years spent at school are crucial for students to develop core values, work ethics and positive attitude to learning. Our beloved parents are our active partners in this mission and quest.

The progressive vision of our founder has embossed a blue print of excellence and abiding values to help our pupils grow into men and women of high potentialities and character. Our school follows a holistic approach in teaching. Activity based method, project method, interactive method etc are appropriately used. Agasthya Vidyanikethan is the seed ground for those who wish to be leaders and path breakers, for those who shall experiment with the cutting edge of contemporary thought and creative expression, for those who shall dare to give shape to their dreams and aspirations and those who shall be the flag bearers of human values. This has set a high benchmark for us to prepare our children and enable them to face all challenges while striving for excellence. Education releases capacities, develops analytical abilities, instills confidence, will power and goal setting competencies, and the vision that will enable a person to become a self-motivated agent of social change, serving the best interests of the community.

Agasthya Vidyanikethan realises that pre-primary education lays foundation for the future education of every child. Hence at Agasthya Vidyanikethan, a gamut of activities within and outside our classrooms provide experiences that helps every student discover innate capabilities, set goals, find missions, have aspirations to excel and tirelessly work towards their fulfilment. A rigorous academic life, supported by state of the art infrastructure, technology and a team of committed faculty has made outstanding results our hallmark and the cultural stage along with sports field our passion. The campus pulsates with vibrant energy of co-curricular activities which encourages bonding, sharing, respecting each other, assuming responsibilities and finding happiness.