Our Staff

Our civilisation has from centuries recognised and adored the services of a teacher and has placed the teacher just after the parents in moulding a child for the future. The famous sentence - “Mathrudevobava Pithrudevobaha and Acharayadevobhava” summarises the stature of a teacher in its totality. In most of the developed nations such as Germany, Japan, South Korea etc, the highest paid profession is that of a teacher. Probably this is one of the reasons for these countries to be highly developed and skilled in a short span of time.

Teachers are the school’s “Most valuable resources". Any educational institution at best can be as good as its educators. Agasthya Vidyanikethan places a high degree of emphasis on teacher training and development. A substantial amount of time every academic year is devoted to new teacher induction as well in-service teacher training and upskilling. Professional development programs and workshops are conducted by teacher trainers from reputed organisations such as Centre for Human Resource Development (CHRD), Centre for Training Excellence (CFTE), Internationally renowned Oxford Publishers, etc. Dedicated time is also made available to teachers every week, to meet, plan and prepare weekly academics session. The school also offers teachers opportunities to pursue formal degrees in education. Agasthya Vidyanikethan recognises the pivotal role played by a teacher and hence our teachers receive higher than normal salaries, paid medical insurance, PF, regular bonuses, incentives and most importantly encouragement and respect from the management. Our ability to attract such incredible staff members is a direct reflection of what we do to let our staff know how much we appreciate them. Never resting on its laurels, Agasthya Vidyanikethan strives constantly to be a community of educators who are also life-long learners.

Our Educators


Our Office Staff

Educators (42 Members)
Pre-Primary Educators (17 Members) Primary Educators (25 Members)
Asha K N Aruna R
Geetha Sree H Sai Sushma
Sushuma B S Lalitha K
Sukanya Chinmayi
Megha Chandra Sowmya P
Shruthi C Narayan Rajeshwari L
Sushma S.S Shwetha R
Pavithra Balaji Rajashree K
Nagarathna B.V Achalashree B
Poornima Manjunath Komala V
Shilpa S Sudha
Prathima B Naziya Zazeer
Milan Devaiah Jyothi Mahesh
Shobha S.V Divya K
Sandhya Ranganath Sandhya Bhaskar
C Raghaveni Vaishali Yeola
Chayadevi G.S Vijaya H.V
Leelavathi D.S
Shailaja B.S
Vanishree H S
Asha M.C
Swapna V
Shilpa L
Office Staff (Front End - 2 Members) Office Staff (Back End - 4 Members)
Rashmitha Ramya
Sunaina Mallika K S
Yashodha T

Our Support Staff


Our Transportation Staff

Other Staff
Support Staff (Only ladies are recruited) (12 Members) Transportation Department (13 Members)
Pankaja Venktesh
Sony Bai Raju M
Rajalakshmi Ankappa
Kamalamma Suresh K
Puttamma Mallikarjunaiah P
Sarojamma Hanumantharaju M J
Surekha Devaraju M
Sashikala Narshima M
Nagamma Nagaraju S
Muthamma Govinda Raj
Jayanthi Narashimhamurthy
Lakshmi S J Appaji
Shreekanth Ashok